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Liquescens - Mina Petrić


Liquescens is a photographic exhibition of performance at a festival for theatre. Can it capture the live medium of theatre through its static frame? 

Liquescens - the Latin for 'liquification' - contains photographs made by Daniel Grünfeld during the final stage of production of German dance piece The Virgin's Voice. It is a series of long exposures, attempting to track the movement of the dancers.


Pulse - Ričard Petifer

Sometimes a show really upsets you, for no other reason that, despite its obvious quality and technical skill, or perhaps precisely because of this, it operates directly against your own objectives for theatre.

As a spectator, I want certain things from theatre, and they're not rocket science. I want to feel human again. I want to understand human struggle. I want to feel empathy. I want to learn. I want to be free - even if it's just for a moment - from the restraints and oppressions which govern me. I want someone - if they are going to perform for me, and make me sit there in silent contract - to do these things on my behalf. Or to try, in a human way.

As a spectator, I want these things. As a critic: I demand them.


Pulse - Ružica Anja Tadić

And after this was said, the darkened plain
quaked so tremendously – the memory
of terror then, bathes me in sweat again.
A whirlwind burst out of the tear-drenched earth,
a wind that crackled with a bloodred light,
a light that overcame all of my senses;
and like a man whom sleep has seized, I fell. (Inf. III, 130-136)


Inner Lights - Nina Vurdelja




It is hot outside and the air is dry. Not many of us  are waiting for the performance in front of the cinema “Svetlost”. Svetlost means light and this place is meant for watching, but today we are here not to see.
We enter blindfolded, the stairs seem massive and dark gets darker. These hands holding me are soft and small, I trust them completely. They get me seated and I wait.
Soon I will encounter chaos and some intense force that I throw myself to.


Have You Seen Don Quixote - Irina Subakov




The fifteen minute long performance of "Have you seen Don Quixote?", POD theatre Belgrade, took place in the atrium of the festival PatosOFFiranje, amongst spectators, salesmen, artists and drunken adolescents. In this lovely medieval-like atmosphere of a city square, reminiscent of joungleurs, street artists and clowns, the theatrical cohesion was evident in a way so rarely witnessed nowadays. Moving swiftly in its pace, the show aims to cover similar ground to another performance we have seen during the festival ("Inner lights", PATOS Smederevo) - the entire nakedness of human life. But despite this not exactly humble goal, the play refuses to become a pretentious metaphysical masturbation and instead comes, delivers and leaves the spectators in a kind of daze and subconscious questioning.


Oči - Ružica Anja Tadić


Moja prva impresije su aktuelno i savremeno. Ono što želim da istaknem na samom početku jeste pitanje kako u mnoštvu savremenih tokova načiniti selekciju onih aktuelnih. Tu se nameće pitanje personalne važnosti teme za izvođača, a u ovom izvođenju je upravo to transparentno. Grupa mladih amatera obrađuje temu osuđivanja smeštajući je u okvir i pogled na svet jednog boemskog, sanjivog pogleda madića željnog vrednosti koje su u izvesnom smislu zastarele, ali i potlačene u odnosu na vrednosti koje nam se nameću putem medija. Problematika nametljivosti određenih obrazaca ponašanja mladoj osobi koja tek nalazi svoju ulogu u društvu, nešto je što našeg protagonistu inspiriše na izazov, simbolično nazvan „Oči“.


Charlotte - Dušan Štrbac

"Charlotte" is a reconstruction of a monodrama "I am my own wife" premiered in January 2007 at the Gallery Progres, Belgrade. After only a few performance, it was removed from the repertoire and now, 8 years later, the show has taken on a new form and a new life, and what a life it is!


Tišina - Marija Stojković


Da li te društvo prihvata ili je bitno kog si pola, rase, mentaliteta? Da li si gluva, slepa, nema osoba ili si samo „normalan“? Stavi prst na čelo i zapitaj se kako ti čuješ „Tišinu“. Pleši kao da je vidiš i osećaš.

Uđi kroz „Tišinu“ ERGstatus teatra u svet jednog Stojana, prvog Srpskog gluvog igrača savremenog plesa.