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During the 90s PATOS was known for his offspring PATOS - T (teens) and PATOS - D (children). To continue with the tradition of constant rejuvenation of theater ensemble and justify the role of the leading youth theater in Smederevo and the region, PATOS starting from February 2012 holds theater workshops for kids, teenagers and young people. Workshop participants gain knowledge and skills in multiple areas of performing arts.

PATOS workshop facilitators studied at various seminars related to theater, in the country and abroad with the most eminent experts in various fields. Some of these experts are Horasio Salinas (Mexico - stage movement and pantomime), Salvatore Tramacere (Italy - play directing), Mark Baliani (Italy - Narrative Theatre), Sasha Rakef, Urban Belina, Goran Završnik (Slovenia - performance and street theater), mr Sunčica Milosavljevic (Serbia - construction of a character, intercultural learning through drama), Žiga Čamernik (Slovenia - Lee Strasberg's method of acting), Alban Varet (France - street theater and acrobatic and circus skills).

Members of PATOS have acquired the necessary competence to conduct workshops and transfer of knowledge to young students. The workshop leaders are expirienced drama trainers with sertificates of Ministry of sports and youth of Republic of Serbia and EU support to civil society programme.

Workshop season runs from October until Jene, where At the end of each workshop season, attendees will have a play to present to wide audience their knowledge and skills.