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PATOSINEMA! is a summer open-cinema in Smederevo. PATOS has implemented this idea in the tradition of the classical trend of many world cities to relocate cinema into the environment of public parks. We wanted to provide this to Smederevo in order to enrich the city's cultural summer season, but also to create a new meeting public place of Smederevo, place for movie lovers and for socializing.

The concept of cinema is such that citizens have a chance to watch the most diverse genres of cinema in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The effect we want to achieve is to inspire young people of Smederevo to expand their own interests in art of cinema and culture of other countries as well. The entire program is completely free and is intended for the general population.

The first PATOSINEMA! was organized in the summer of 2013. Location of the cinema was a public park, which is located next to the Smederevo Danube quay. The movies were provided through collaboration with a number of cultural institutions that have ceded copyright for public display. The program consisted of feature films, documentaries and animated films. During the two months PATOSINEMA! held 30 screenings and had visit by over 3000 people. The majority of the visits were young, aged 15-30 years.

PATOSINEMA! had a parallel program in the form of performances that were performed before the screening by theater actors from PATOS, as well as local break-dance groups, Latin dance, manga comics... Thus, the public was made ​​aware of the existence of an urban youth culture in Smederevo.

Cinema PATOSINEMA! is implemented with the financial support of the Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac. PATOSINEMA! was selected among seven best projects in the competition of 50.

The aim of PATOSINEMA! is to enrich leisure time of young people and to offer them a different film repertoire. In this way, we wish to point out the fact that it is necessary to revitalize urban culture, so that the young have space for interaction, which, as such, may contribute to social healing and reducing the general apathy in the society.

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