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Pulse - Ružica Anja Tadić

And after this was said, the darkened plain
quaked so tremendously – the memory
of terror then, bathes me in sweat again.
A whirlwind burst out of the tear-drenched earth,
a wind that crackled with a bloodred light,
a light that overcame all of my senses;
and like a man whom sleep has seized, I fell. (Inf. III, 130-136)

Remember tonight... for it is the beginning of always one moment full stop environment sounds and vinyl on an old gramophone complete darkness nothing is happening Platonic dialectical journey towards world of Ideasscenic essay starts space between heaven and hell reminders of Earth living time sense of continuance time frame mapped space with projector from time to time simply poetic a recipients call for engaging in illusion resistance of an illusion as a game for audience chaotic dramaturgy flames instrumental tracks The path to paradise begins in words one person on stage without persona light body movement contrasting nature shapes with manufactured one’s smoke a smoke in a dance with lightning hearth is live no pulseblooded scene from time to time cartoonish a huge train in desert night sky with falling stars wishes thunderstorm no movement inside of space movement inside of space palace people standing strangeinconvenient fishbarking of dogs a black cat walks over scene bad luckdivided of content from time to time Malevich’s black cube landscapes transcendental context goldfish  dream-time.

Titraj [Pulse], Teatar Rubikon, Rijeka [CRO]
Autor kritike: Ružica Anja Tadić