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1. Logotip PATOS-a - osmislio i dizajnirao Vladislav NešićPATOS youth theatre was founded in 1986. Abbreviation PATOS means Alternative Smederevo Youth Theatre in Motion:

Alternative - our concepts are always hovering between classical, modern and experimental;
Smederevo - a place where we come from;
Youth - because we are "always young";
Theater - the medium through which we operate ;
In motion - always adaptable to given stage conditions;


The founders of the theater are Branislav B. Čubrilović - Čubi (1951-2005) and Vladislav Nešić.

PATOS has emerged as the social need of the group of young people that gathered and expressed themselves through theater. PATOS si not conventional and commercial theater. In its repertoire there are works that are pure classics, but each performance is underpinned by an experiment and a small theater revolution.

PATOS gathers young theatre practitioners (professional actors, art students and other young adults, but also teenagers) around research and experimental theatre projects, often realized in cooperation or partnership with professional theatre and performing arts companies and groups in the country and abroad.
PATOS is the only theatre in Smederevo, which is constantly engaged in performing arts. Confirmation came in the form of many festival awards, both local and international. Also theatre has been actively involved in several national and international art projects. PATOS organizes drama workshops during all year, and has its own productions at the end of each season.
Since 2000 PATOS intensively fosters partnerships and collaborations with related theater groups in the country and abroad, through exchanges, co-productions and presentations of art methodologies and results.
PATOS is a strong disseminating factor for contemporary and innovative art in Smederevo and its gravitation region. The culmination of this tendency, is the organization, implementation and promotion of annual international multimedia festival PATOSoffIRANJE. The special part of Festival is the project of the Council of Europe Living library which empowers people do deal with their prejudices and stereotypes, and promotes social inclusion of marginalized groups.
PATOS established the cooperation with many renowned experts in the field of theater: Horacio Salinas (Mexico), Salvatore Tramacere (Italy), Goran Završnik (Slovenia), Sasha Rakef (Enlgeska/Slovenia), Marina Milivojević - Mađarev (Serbia), Mr. Sunčica Milosavljević (Serbia), Albin Warette (France), Urban Belina (Slovenia), Novica Bogdanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Tatiana Spassov (Bulgaria), Alexander Gronovska (Poland), Silvia Traversi (Italy), Marco Baljani (Italy), Sasha Olsberg (Denmark)...
Members PATOS are constantly improving their competences in the field of theater. So far, they have gained a new knowledge in the professional theaters in Austria, Slovenia, Italy and France. Members of PATOS form a strong core and a spine line of new urban culture in Smederevo, and a base for cultural work and criteria in the future.
What or who is PATOS, is perhaps best illustrated by Vladislav Nesić, one of the founders and theatre art director:

"Our theater is doomed to rely forever on young, creative people, and those who feel young, no matter how old they are. PATOS therefore has an obligation to remain FOREVER YOUNG."